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martes, 4 de mayo de 2010


Pais: U.S.A.
Año: 2010
Line Up:
Warrel Dane - Vocals
Jeff Loomis - Guitars
Jim Sheppard - Bass
Van Williams - Drums
Cover art created by Travis Smith (Opeth, Katatonia).

1. The Termination Proclamation 03:12
2. Your Poison Throne 03:54
3. Moonrise (Through Mirrors of Death) 04:03
4. And the Maiden Spoke 05:00
5. Emptiness Unobstructed 04:39
6. The Blue Marble and the New Soul 04:41
7. Without Morals 04:19
8. The Day You Built the Wall 04:23
9. She Comes in Colors 05:34
10. The Obsidian Conspiracy 05:16
11. Crystal Ship (The Doors cover) 02:46
12. Temptation (The Tea Party cover) 03:26

Total playing time 51:13

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